Su Yang is an artist and a Ph.D. scholar in Chinese feminist art based in Melbourne, Australia.

Research interests: the representations of women in contemporary Chinese art and popular culture, feminist art theory and criticism, Chinese feminism, feminist and women's art.


May 25, 2019,  the most prestigious Chinese feminist media, Nu Voice, (Feminist Voice) published a review of Su Yang’s art written and edited by Naomi Ng and Jessica Lau in English. 

Yes! “We still have unfinished business!” more ……

March 8, 2019, Deng Xiaoting’s interview with Su Yang, published in Tourism and Photography magazine in Beijing, China. 

Yang introduces the current debates around feminism and discusses the different terms of the International Women’s Day in Chinese and the meaning of photography to women that is to build our own (women’) art history. Yang also analyzes the current changing standard of beauty in China. In the end, Yang recommends many of her favorite places in Australia, USA, and Canada to Chinese audiences. See more ……

February 2019, Allen Young’s interview with Su Yang and review of Yang’s artworks, published in NeoCha Culture & Creativity in Asia in Shanghai, China.

Allen Young’s review of Su Yang’s paintings in the theme of female beauty and cosmetic surgery. Young also interviews Yang’s research about the standards and ideologies behind and beyond cosmetic surgery. See more ……

Location Melbourne, Australia E-mail Hours Instagram: su_yang_visual Facebook page: Su Yang's Art
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