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杨苏 Su Yang (b. China 1986) is a Chinese artist living and working between Melbourne and Beijing. Yang is also a researcher in Chinese feminism and feminist art studies. Her doctoral research project re-theorizes Chinese feminist art through the case studies of Chinese women artists and the new generation of Chinese feminist artists. She is one of these women. Yang combines a focused study of the representation of the female form with the art practice to explore the elements of female beauty and the body.

Her exhibitions have been noted by the Chinese Ministry of Culture’s official website and journal and reviewed extensively in Chinese press including Art China, Arton, China Craft & Art, Sohu News, Tsinghua University, Art Info, and China Writer, China Tourism and Photography Magazine; internationally, including Nv Voice (Feminist Voice), the University of Melbourne, Australia Contemporary Art and Feminism, Feminist Art Collection in Canada, Women in Art, SUNY Buffalo, and Art Voice in the US.

Yang’s films have been selected in Academy Awards qualifying events including Rhode Island International Film Festival and St Kilda Film Festival in 2021. She won People of Color the International Cultural Exchange in New York in 2020 and Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF)’s Powershorts Short Film Competition in 2017. Her films have been screened at MIFF 2017 and other international film festivals in the USA, India, Canada, Iran, UK, Portugal, Nigeria, Mexico, and Brazil.


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