Anderson Gallery, Buffalo, NY


Solo Exhibition

28 Apr – 25 May 2014

This series of paintings aims to combine with my interest in feminist perspectives and the philosophy of the body. I relate cosmetic surgery to foot-binding that occurred in the Chinese Qing Dynasty and believe that both procedures aim to make the female body conform to the patriarchal idea of beauty.

In my paintings, I use oil and egg tempera to portray women before, during, or after cosmetic plastic surgeries. These paintings show the desensitized nature of reconstructive surgery and the subsequent trauma and suffering of the body.

In some paintings, I used photographs in medical books of these procedures to refer to, and for three of my paintings, I used myself as the vehicle for my commentary. I applied makeup and dressed up to become the model in the photograph of a patient portrayed before or after surgery and used my own face and body to refer to while making my paintings.

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