Beauty – 2017

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Beauty, 2017, short, running time: 2 minutes 59 seconds

This short film discusses the shifting socialized ideal beauty that makes women lose recognition of themselves and even encourages them to change their appearances through radical ways like unnecessary non-therapeutic cosmetic surgery for example. The significance of this film is to show the “beauty” made by cosmetic surgery that comes out as the response of the “beauty”, the desire for a particular look.


This film won the Melbourne International Film Festival’s inaugural Powershorts Short Film Competition.


It was screened at Melbourne International Film Festival 2017 at Kino Cinemas, Melbourne, Australia, 2017.

poster-1          Directed by: Su Yang, Zhang Xiaoan

          Starring:  Su Yang

          Post Production: Zhang Xiaoan

          Running Time: 2 minutes 59 seconds

          Aspect Ratio: 16: 9

          Sound: Stereo

          Shooting Format: iPhone 6s

          Screening Formats: 2K/HD

One of the features in this film is the ambient light that represents the different places, environments or atmosphere. The different colors of lights – pink and blue represent the different periods of time with different ideas of female beauty. The story is about a woman being in the “pink”, which represents the social aesthetics of woman during a certain period of time. Later she selects a “face”, which is the most popular face in current China’s social media in a cosmetic clinic and chose to change her face through cosmetic surgery in red light that represents the bloody, cruel and painful nature of a procedure. After the surgery, she was surprised by her “beautiful face” and enjoyed the atmosphere well because her face was more closed to the social standard of beauty at that time. However the notion of beauty has been changing all the times, the appearance of human becomes like fashion.

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