The Changing Notion of Chinese Beauty I – 2016

The Video artwork The Changing Notion of Chinese Beauty Series is the extension of my photography work Less Icon. This work is combined with my interest in feminism to question the changing notion of Chinese beauty. Series I focuses on the representations of female beauty through makeup from history to 2010s. Series II as a continuative video specifically focuses on t the “ideal beauty” through a nontherapeutic cosmetic surgery.

The Changing Notion of Chinese Beauty Series – I, 2016, video, 3 minutes 49 seconds

As Series I features the artist I applying different makeup, I imitates and embodies the changing representations of Chinese beauty traced through the genre of beauty in historical Chinese ink paintings and the politicized image of female Red Guards with masculine uniform in posters in Cultural Revolution, and the “ideal face” promoted by fashion magazines and selfies cultures in the current society.



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